Never-Before-Seen Photos of Key Moments in Aviation History

Never-Before-Seen Photos of Key Moments in Aviation History

Not long ago, we put outa call for family photos它捕捉了历史时刻的个人体验:关键历史事件的个人家庭照片。世界杯东道主2022在这些回复中,有两张令人难以置信的照片,一张来自澳大利亚的朱莉·博德曼(Julie Boardman),另一张来自华盛顿的卢·戴利(Lou Daly),它们捕捉到了航空史上的关键时刻。

Julie Boardmanfrom Australia shared a photo her grandmother snapped 94 years ago of Bert Hinkler, famous Australian aviator. Hinkler was a pioneering aviator and set many world records, including the first ever solo flight between England and Australia in February 1928 and the first solo flight across the Southern Atlantic in 1931. Tragically, he died in 1933, at the age of 40, when his plane crashed into a mountain in Tuscany while trying to set another world record.

Julie shared this photo of Hinkler taken in June 1928:

And here it is enhanced and colorized on MyHeritage:

“My paternal grandmother, Jane Ingle Thompson nee Bone, took this photo,” writes Julie. “My family lived in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia, and my grandparents were present when Bert Hinkler landed in his Avro Avian G-EBOV on an open area on the McGregor Estate on June 13, 1928. The wings were folded back and the plane was wheeled down the main street to Pierpoint & Sons to be refueled. Crowds gathered to watch the occasion. Wasn’t life so much simpler then?”

Julie’s paternal grandfather, Jack Thompson, also had a garage in Stanthrope called Thompson’s Garage — unfortunately, not the one Bert Hinkler’s plane was wheeled too. She explains that today, the McGregor Estate is part playgrounds and public tennis courts.


Lou Dalyfrom Washington State in the western U.S. shared two photos from her family albums. To the best of her knowledge, she is “the only person who knows that they even exist.”

The photos were during a dramatic period of history: 87 years ago, in August 1935.

The first photo captures the famed American aviator Wiley Post, while the other is of Will Rogers, an actor, comedian, vaudeville performer and social commentator.

Wiley Post, born in 1898, was the first aviator ever to fly solo around the world, in July 1933. He was also known for developing one of the first pressure space suits and discovering the jet stream.

威尔·罗杰斯生于1879年,是好莱坞和百老汇最大牌的明星之一,演过70多部电影,写过4000多篇报纸专栏。在20世纪30年代,罗杰斯是好莱坞片酬最高的演员。An advocate of U.S. aviation expansion, he joined Post on several of his flights in order to write about them in his newspaper columns.

On August 15, 1935, while flying together in a Lockheed hybrid airplane, the two crashed into a lagoon next to Point Barrow, Alaska, soon after taking off.

According to Lou, these pictures “were taken just before Rogers and Post’s fatal airplane crash in Alaska. They were taken by my ex-husband’s grandfather, Percy Daly, who was a friend of Wiley Post’s. I don’t think the photos have ever been seen outside of the family.

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